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Welcome to O'Donohoe Home Inspections

Based in Calgary, Alberta, I am a professionally Certified Home Inspector and dedicated to giving you a thorough, friendly, and professional inspection on your potential new home. I will show you what is important, to truly know and understand your home.

Why have a Home Inspection?

Each inspection is for the sole purpose of providing you the client, a detailed report with a complete overview of your potential new home. We realize and understand the importance of knowing exactly what you are investing in. After all, this is perhaps one of the biggest investments of your lifetime.

You can expect a thorough inspection of all the important systems in your home such as:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • Exterior
  • Structure
  • Grading Drainage
  • Gutters / Downspouts
  • And Much More!

What is included in a Home Inspection?

"With every Inspection, an Infrared Camera is used to scan your home at no additional charge"

Infrared camera used for inspection

Upon completion of each Home Inspection, the inspector will provide a detailed written report complete with a multitude of digital pictures incorporated into our "Home Gauge" software. Each Home Inspection Report is clear, concise and professional.

Also included with each inspection is a concise labeling of your Furnace Shut off, Water Heater Shut off, and Main Water Shut off. The inspector will also point out important need to know items such as Main Floor Drain, Outside water Shut offs, Main Electrical Panel disconnect and Clean outs.

A good Home Inspection is also about educating you, the potential Home Owner about the home. Questions are encouraged as we together go through the house.

Straightforward, detailed, honest and friendly service is what we pride ourselves on.

Give us a call today for a fair and competitive quote specifically tailored just for you.

Other Inspection Services

Mold Inspections


I am a certified Mold Inspector equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to accurately sample and have Pro-Lab provide a microscopic laboratory analysis to determine exactly of which type of mold spores are present.

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Indoor Air Quality Inspection


With a professional air quality test, our inspector can determine exactly what is in the air within your home. Our samples are rushed to Pro-Lab. The Pro-Lab laboratory testing services for mold, radon, lead, asbestos, and drinking water pollutants.

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